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Workplace Wellness: Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

When we think about workplaces, we think of productivity, task lists and the responsibilities we have to others. But it’s important to also be considerate of your own personal wellness and comfort, and whether your workplace contributes to your wellbeing, or detracts from it. Most modern workplaces embrace a holistic approach to employee care, which helps to cultivate happier and healthier environments.

Health and wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace, also known as occupational wellbeing, is where a work environment offers health promotion activities designed to support healthy behaviour among employees. Co-working environments excel in enhancing this experience by providing flexible schedules and prioritising events, amenities and wellbeing initiatives.

What are the key elements of a workplace wellbeing strategy?

Wellbeing goals for work should extend beyond having a healthy workforce and into creating an overall positive company culture. To improve workplace wellness, organisations often offer various elements to boost employees satisfaction and wellness, and choose different workspaces with the right facilities.

Here are some of the most common and effective workplace wellness activities.

Fitness opportunities

One of the key elements is a space for recreation and fitness that employees can use on their breaks and before or after work. Implementing gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, weight lifting rooms, or yoga studios offers employees the chance to be active and energetic, and to reset their mindset to be more productive and focused at work. A workplace could also plan scheduled fitness sessions to boost employee engagement as part of their employee wellbeing program.

Natural light

A survey by the Harvard Business Review found that the number one office perk employees want is natural light. Spending much of their time indoors, it’s understandable that employees appreciate natural light streaming in. Creating meeting rooms and workspaces with big windows and access to light can improve an employee’s mental health greatly. If this can’t be done, then adding in ambient lighting sources that consist of warm lights with enough lumens to make the room visible will bring comfort and relaxation to employees compared to bright overhead lights.

Moments dedicated to oneself

A day filled with meetings and constant co-worker commotion can be overstimulating. Offering spots for employees to relax, unwind, and recharge is extremely beneficial for their mental health. This could include introducing dedicated meditation rooms, outdoor lounging areas, or small phone booths for private calls, creating clarity and improving overall occupational wellness.

Community bonding and social breaks

Having a moment to socialise freely with others helps to foster a greater work-life balance. For instance, if a workplace environment offers free lunch catered in the communal kitchen, cocktail hours at the end of the day, or celebratory moments for holidays, it gives employees the chance to bond with their work community, network, and take time for a social break.

Quality equipment

Employees enjoy working in an environment they feel comfortable in. By supplying them with high-quality computers, efficient monitors, modern desks, and comfortable chairs, it will boost their comfort during their work experience. Organisations who invest in quality infrastructure show dedication to their employees wellbeing and productivity, which is key in creating healthier workplaces.

How can a co-working space help?

By offering employees flexible and adaptable spaces and workplace health and wellbeing programs that cater to their needs, organisations have the ability to support their efforts to maintain positive mental and physical health. From there, individuals can balance their professional responsibilities better and find more creativity, collaboration, and a deeper sense of job satisfaction.

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